Do you want to Pick up Chemicals? Do you want to take the time out of your busy schedule to maintain your pool? Do you want to drive back to the pool store to analyze your water? I don't think so Call
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As we get closer to the pool season I thought it would be a good idea to go over what the various parts of your pool. Some of the items are basic but others you may not know. Hope fully this helps!!


A brass or plastic manually-operated valve at the top of a filter tank for relieving pressure and removing air inside the filter (called bleeding the filter). Sometimes called a pressure-relief valve.


A pool maintenance system that automatically agitates or vacuums debris from the pool interior.


The backing up of water through a pipe in a direction opposite to normal flow.


The process of thoroughly cleaning the filter by reversing th...

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To DIY or hire a professional to clean your swimming pool.

Certification- A pool service company is a specialized profession. Pool service professionals are experts and can teach you on the proper supplies and equipment needed to help keep your pool running and looking its best. If you have a pool emergency or just need service advice, a pool professional is your best resource.

Professionals – Finding a pool service company you can trust is essential. With a pool service company like JPS POOL SERVICE you can be confident that the job will be done according to APSP Standards. Also we staff Certified Pool Operators who have taken and passed the National Swimming Pool Foundation’s CPO...

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As winter approaches many people get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays and completely forget about their pool. You may be asking "why on earth should I worry about my pool?" Its snowing and 25 degrees outside. Well its a great question and this months blog will outline the reasons why and the maintenance needed.

First lets discuss water chemistry, when you closed your pool hopefully it was properly balanced and cleaned but as the time goes by and the weather gets cooler the ph in you water will change and if left unchecked can eventually do damage to your finish. (Vinyl, fiberglass, and plaster) So occasionally you may need to adjust I recommend doing this right before the fi...

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Getting ready to open your pool for the new season? Have no fear. While the process may appear daunting, it's pretty much a breeze. Here are five easy tips from JPS POOL SERVICE that will help you have your pool up and running – and you enjoying the water – in no time.
1. Make a list & Bring a Friend
Before you begin the process, it's a good idea to make a to-do list. Gathering tools and equipment together will also save time. Take inventory of all necessary pool chemicals, and make sure that those left over from previous seasons have not expired. Inviting a friend to help out will not only result in a more efficient opening but will also add some much-needed fun to the process.
2. ...

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When we think of Daylight Savings Time we automatically think of changing our clocks or maybe even changing the batteries in the smoke detectors, but its also a great time to think about your pool. Even if you dont plan on opening it for a couple weeks or even months. Why? Well have you ever wanted to jump into your pool on Memorial Day and you cant because its so green you cant even see the top step? Well if you have I have a remedy I like to Add a little liquid Chlorine throughout the spring to prevent algae from growing until you open it up. The amount varies but a few things to consider are type of cover, condition of the cover, size of your pool, and condtion of the pool when you closed...

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Ok so this is my first true blog post, so don't hold me to the errors or the lack of subsance.
Recently I sent out opening contracts to all of my customers as well as to a few people ive done business with in the past. Many people have asked " Really Josh the snow is still flying why do you send them out so soon", Well there are a few reasons actually. First is scheduling the sooner I know how many clients want their pool opened the sooner I can begin to schedule accordingly. 2nd is ordering there are so many things that i need to have ordered and prepared it takes time and money to prepare. 3rd Lets face it alot of people ted to drag their feet until they need something done so I try to help...

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