Pool Opening

Ok so this is my first true blog post, so don't hold me to the errors or the lack of subsance.
Recently I sent out opening contracts to all of my customers as well as to a few people ive done business with in the past. Many people have asked " Really Josh the snow is still flying why do you send them out so soon", Well there are a few reasons actually. First is scheduling the sooner I know how many clients want their pool opened the sooner I can begin to schedule accordingly. 2nd is ordering there are so many things that i need to have ordered and prepared it takes time and money to prepare. 3rd Lets face it alot of people ted to drag their feet until they need something done so I try to help remind everyone spring is right around the corner. 4th and final reason is the simple fact that some like their pool opened earlier than others so for that reason they need their contract in enough time to plan their opening. I hope this helps and I am going to plan on blogging more often to offer tips and techniques to most common pool problems. Hope you all have a great day.


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