Getting ready to open your pool for the new season? Have no fear. While the process may appear daunting, it's pretty much a breeze. Here are five easy tips from JPS POOL SERVICE that will help you have your pool up and running – and you enjoying the water – in no time.
1. Make a list & Bring a Friend
Before you begin the process, it's a good idea to make a to-do list. Gathering tools and equipment together will also save time. Take inventory of all necessary pool chemicals, and make sure that those left over from previous seasons have not expired. Inviting a friend to help out will not only result in a more efficient opening but will also add some much-needed fun to the process.
2. Open Early
We all love warmer temperatures – but so does algae. Rising temperatures and added sunlight can spell days of extra work when prepping to open a pool, so start to circulate pool water and chemically balance your pool early to cut off all the nasty stuff at the pass.
3. All Systems Go
Whatever awaits under your pool cover – messy, cloudy or otherwise – it's time to get the circulation system running once removed. Make sure your pump and filter are working properly first, and then allow them to run continuously until the water is clear.
4. Have your Water Professionally Tested
You should start testing your water immediately after removing the cover, but you shouldn't stop there. Call JPS POOL SERVICE to get it professionally analyzed. Making sure your pH and alkalinity are properly balanced before adding other pool chemicals is essential.
5. Build a Relationship with Us, Your Local APSP Pro
Whether you're a do-it-yourselfer or not, there's no substitute for establishing a relationship with a reliable APSP pool service professional like JPS POOL SERVICE. You never know when a question or problem may arise, and knowing you can all us anytime, with any issue, will give you peace of mind and help you enjoy your pool to the fullest.
Either Way If you DIY or Have JPS do it for you Enjoy your Summer


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