Servicing Your Pool During Winter Months

As winter approaches many people get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays and completely forget about their pool. You may be asking "why on earth should I worry about my pool?" Its snowing and 25 degrees outside. Well its a great question and this months blog will outline the reasons why and the maintenance needed.

First lets discuss water chemistry, when you closed your pool hopefully it was properly balanced and cleaned but as the time goes by and the weather gets cooler the ph in you water will change and if left unchecked can eventually do damage to your finish. (Vinyl, fiberglass, and plaster) So occasionally you may need to adjust I recommend doing this right before the first big freeze and at the first thaw so you don't have to break through the ice.

Second if your pool has a tile line around the perimeter it is essential to continually monitor the pools water lever. When you closed the pool typically the water was lowered to 18" below the top of the deck apron but as fall fades into winter the water level will rise. (If your pool has a solid cover it is still important to watch the level there may be a rip or tear that allows water to pass through.) To do this Youll need to pull back a portion of the cover and pump it down utilizing a submergible pump. DO NOT LEAVE the Pump in the pool all winter.

Third is the cover itself, if you have a safety cover (springs and anchors around the perimeter) then you'll need to tighten the straps throughout the winter to make sure the cover remains securely anchored.

Hopefully this helps explain why your pool needs maintenance throughout the winter

Also I personally like to add more winterizing chemicals and antifreeze each time I perform service to the pool.

Remember we are here to help so if you want this service to be done on a monthly basis please call and we can schedule you today


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